Since 2006, an alliance of terrorists led by Al-Qaeda and the Taliban has killed or wounded thousands of Americans serving in Afghanistan.

We represent more than 1,200 Americans who were severely injured, or whose loved ones were killed or severely injured, in Al Qaeda / Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan from April 2007 through January 2019.  Our clients have brought claims in one or both of two separate federal terrorism lawsuits that were filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. on December 27, 2019. Hundreds of Gold Star families have joined this effort.

We represent 702 Americans who have alleged claims under the Anti-Terrorism Act against several large multinational corporations, most of which have offices in the United States.  As alleged in the complaint, the defendants funded terrorists in Afghanistan through a sophisticated scheme under which the defendants made, or aided and abetted, “protection payments” sought by the terrorists.  As alleged in our clients’ Anti-Terrorism Act complaint, the defendants supported the terrorists’ “protection payments” scheme because the defendants would make more money by doing so.

We also represent more than 1,000 Americans who have alleged claims against the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the terrorism exception of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.  This lawsuit seeks to hold Iran responsible for providing material support to the Taliban and other terrorists in Afghanistan from 9/11 through the present, which we have alleged included the provision of funding, weapons, and training to nearly every major anti-American terrorist group in Afghanistan.

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